Our Professionals

Grayson Moisan (he/him)

Practicum Student, Peer Supporter

Grayson provides peer support services as a pre-licensed, student member of the Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers. Learn more about Peer Support Services here…

Grayson Lamping is a queer, transgender and neurodivergent man born and raised in Saskatchewan. He is currently a student at the University of Regina studying for a Bachelors of Social Work, which he will earn in April 2024 after completing his Social Work Practicum II with Aroha Pride Counselling under the supervision of Emily Ritenburg, RSW. During his studies, Grayson discovered his interest in pursuing counselling and therapeutic relationships, and is very excited to work with Aroha to further develop his learning!

While Grayson is still building his therapeutic knowledge and areas of interest, he has retained a strong commitment to building his expertise in areas related to gender and sexual diversity, neurodiversity, and complex trauma throughout his studies; knowledge that is also informed by lived experience. He incorporates anti-oppressive, anti-racist, queer affirming, sex positive, trauma-informed, harm reduction, and strengths-based values into his practice framework, and is eager to further develop and strengthen these values while working with Aroha. 

Grayson believes that an anti-oppressive, affirming and informed space is integral to people’s ability to recognize their strengths, and he strives to bring a sense of warmth, safety, and understanding into his practice. 

What’s Unique About Grayson’s Approach to Peer Support?


Neurodivergent, queer, and trans people can experience trauma and adversity while trying to navigate the world, and it can be difficult to find a mental health support that doesn’t pathologize, delegitimize or misunderstand the feelings associated with your lived experience. As an AuDHD, queer and trans man, Grayson has experienced many of the traumas associated with neurodivergence, queerness, transness, as well as lived experience navigating discriminatory or unsafe psychiatric care practices related to these identities. Some of the areas Grayson can provide peer support in are exploring and/or affirming gender & sexual identities, gender dysphoria, Level 1 Autism & ADHD (diagnosis not required), neurodivergence-based burnout, executive dysfunction, queer systems navigation, asexuality & aromanticism, queer sex and kink positivity, sexual trauma, body neutrality, social anxiety, C-PTSD, feelings of hopelessness, self-acceptance and self-compassion, unsupportive families, queer friendships and relationships, and more.

All peer support provided will be confidential. Any feedback or concerns about the peer support services provided are welcome and can be directed to Grayson, or if preferred, Grayson’s supervisor Emily Ritenburg, RSW, both of whom can be contacted via our website’s contact page.