Please note that all of our services are virtual indefinitely. Our professionals are uniquely equipped to provide virtual services that emphasize connectedness and warmth in a way that feels natural. When creating this space together, clients are encouraged to join their session from a place of comfort that prioritizes things like fidgets/stimming tools, pets, accessible snacks, privacy, and any sensory needs.

Individual Services

Everyone needs some extra support sometimes. Our mental health professionals welcome people from all walks of life and are qualified to provide support with range of experiences. Services are framed within an anti-oppressive, queer affirming, anti-racist, sex positive, trauma informed, and harm reduction lens. Clients can expect a welcoming and stigma free environment.  

A Note About Diagnoses

Our professionals are qualified to administer mental health assessments. An official diagnosis of a mental health condition is typically not required to address specific needs, however, our providers may recommend you seek an official diagnosis in order to access further supports or address needs outside their scope of practice.

Experiences Often Addressed by Our Professionals

Exploring and/or affirming gender & sexual identities

Trauma, PTSD, Complex PTSD, & Attachment Trauma

Substance use & addiction

Disordered eating, body image & body acceptance

Gender dysphoria

Mood disorders including depression & bipolar disorder

Generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder & social anxiety

Borderline personality disorder

Chronic pain

Anger & emotional regulation difficulties

Bereavement, grief & loss

Support with ADHD  (diagnosis is not required) 

Support with level 1 autism (diagnosis not required)

Support during separation & divorce

Obessive compulsive disorder

Self esteem, self compassion & self acceptance

2SLGBTQ+ Informed Services

Our professionals are trained and experienced in providing support to people who hold a diversity of identities and welcome everyone to access their services. In particular, all of our professionals specialize in providing informed services to people who hold queer and trans identities.  This means that they go beyond fostering an accepting environment by providing services grounded in queer knowledge, history, and values. Our professionals are knowledgeable about processes related to accessing gender affirming healthcare, name changes, gender marker changes, and the often complicated experiences of coming out to family, friends, partners and other important people. The expertise our professionals bring is rooted in both formal training and lived experience as queer community members. Our cultural competency comes from being active members in our own queer communities.