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Aroha Pride Counselling is always looking for mental health professionals from across Canada who are queer or strongly queer allied, anti-racist, decolonial, sex positive, harm reductionist, and have a deep understanding of anti-oppressive practices. Applicants are expected demonstrate their knowledge of the relationships between mental health and systems of oppression as well as the ways that racism, sexism, queerphobia and ableism (among other oppressive systems) are often embedded in to metal health professions. Preference and extra consideration is given to applicants who are personally impacted by racism, queerphobia, transphobia, transmisogyny, fatphobia, whorephobia, and ableism. We require professionals who are trained in evidence-based frameworks and are comfortable applying a critical lens to their own beliefs and practices, as well as commit to ongoing learning that informs practices with marginalized and vulnerable demographics. Preference is also given to those who are (or have the ability to become) Registered Social Workers or Registered Psychologists in any Canadian province.

If this description aligns with your own values as a mental health professional, please email a cover letter and resume/CV to

Because of professional, ethical, and legal requirements associated with mental health professions, we are not able to consider applications from those residing outside Canada or applications from those who are not eligible to to be registered with a recognized professional regulatory body.