Please note that all of our services are virtual indefinitely. Our professionals are uniquely equipped to provide virtual services that emphasize connectedness and warmth in a way that feels natural. When creating this space together, clients are encouraged to join their session from a place of comfort that prioritizes things like fidgets/stimming tools, pets, accessible snacks, privacy, and any sensory needs.

Parent and Family Services

In addition to providing support to families navigating significant changes, grief, trauma, or conflict, we also specialize in providing support services to parents who are raising 2SLGBTQ+ children.

It can be scary as a parent to both support a 2SLGBTQ+ child and navigate the conflicting information available on how to best meet their needs. We offer non-judgemental, evidence-based, and compassionate support to parents who are navigating the unique experiences of raising 2SLGBTQ+ children. There are no wrong questions to ask, we are simply passionate about supporting 2SLGBTQ+ youth from an evidence-based perspective. We are firmly against any form of conversion therapies, as research has continued to show how this causes significant, long-term damage to emotional and mental well being. We provide a non-coercive, exploratory, and affirming space to support your child in finding the identities that they feel at home in. We support parents in affirming these identities and building a strong, trusting relationship with their child.